Antennas: Design, Application and Performance


This application note is intended for designers who are incorporating RF into Part 15-compliant designs. It is designed to give the reader a basic understanding of an antenna's function, operational characteristics, and evaluation techniques. It will also briefly touch on design considerations for the three most common low-power antenna styles: the whip, helical and loop trace.

Understanding Antenna Specifications and Operation


The antenna is probably the most overlooked part of an RF design.
The range, performance, and legality of an RF link are critically dependent upon the antenna. However, it is often left until the end of the design and expected to fit into whatever space is left, no matter how unfavorable to performance that location may be. Many of these designs will have to ultimately accept degraded performance or go through multiple redesigns.

Sub-6 Cellular LTE/5G NR Frequency Band Guide

5G cellular, or 5G NR, supports two frequency ranges, FR1, from 410 MHz to 7125 MHz, and FR2 from 24.45 GHz to 52.6 GHz. The FR1 range, also referred to as "Sub-6," generally overlaps LTE cellular frequencies. The LTE/5G frequency band chart combines the 3GPP LTE and Sub-6 5G bands into a common table for easy reference and application.


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