Wideband Microwave Generator

ultra wideband compact usb rf signal generator

The all-new INCREDIBLY compact 22GHz SG6000LDQ Microwave Signal Generator delivers THE widest frequency coverage on the market for its size and price. The three output bands cover the ENTIRE range of 25 to 22000+ MHz. The output waveform is fully synthesized using modern fractional N synthesis. The step size of the first band RF output varies from a maximum of ~3 KHz to less than 40 Hz. This synthesized signal source can automatically detect and accept an external 10 MHz reference OR it can use its own 2.5PPM internal reference. Output power is above 8 dBm and can be controlled via USB SCPI commands. The crisp OLED display provides useful feedback for the user, and front control buttons provide a quick alternative to USB control. Like most of our products, the SG6000LDQ easily fits in the palm of your hand, making it a truly portable and bench-space-saving device.

Microwave Signal Generator Specifications:

  • Total Frequency Coverage: 25 - 22000 MHz
  • Band 1 Range: 25 - 6000 MHz
  • Band 1 Power: 64 levels ~(-20 to +10 dBm)
  • Band 2 Range: 5500 - 12000 MHz
  • Band 2 Power Level > 7 dBm
  • Band 3 Range: 12000 - 22000+ MHz
  • Band 3 Power Level > 7 dBm
  • Dimensions: 2.75″ x 1.24″ x 3″
  • Input Voltage: 5V @ 0.75A - USB 3.0 or dual micro usb 2.0
  • Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
  • RF Connectors: 4 x SMA

SG6000LQ Features:

  • Adjustable output power on band 1 (non-calibrated)
  • Flexible frequency-sweeping support
  • External reference frequency input
  • Internal 10MHz 2.5PPM TCXO auto-reference
  • Professional industry standard SCPI command support
  • Front frequency user frequency step buttons
  • Front-mounted bright OLED display
  • Sturdy all-aluminum black enclosure
  • Simple Windows control GUI
  • No drivers needed for PC control

 Common Applications:

  • Automated testing environments
  • Satellite Communications Testing
  • General RF Lab use
  • Flexible LO sourcing
  • Antenna design
  • EMC Testing
  • KU-Band Development
  • Production verification and testing
  • Educational / university lab use
  • Aerospace / Defense Research

発振器 周波数帯域 周波数表示(本体) 周波数設定(本体)
SG6000M 25-6000MHz - -
SG6000 25-6000MHz -
SG6000L 25-6000MHz
SG6000D 25-12000MHz -
SG6000LD 25-12000MHz
SG6000LQ 25-6000MHz/13-22GHz
SG6000LDQ 25MHz--22GHz
減衰器 可変域、周波数帯域

DAT64 0-63dB、0.5dB Step 1-6000MHz -
DAT64L 0-63dB、0.5dB Step 1-6000MHz
DAT32LH 0-31.5dB、0.5dB Step  100-13000MHz
DAT64LH 0-63dB、0.5dB Step 100-12000MHz